Advanced Chemistry Skills

In our Advanced Chemistry lab, students were given a bottle of acid with an unknown concentration. The students used their titration skills to neutralize the acid. They titrated to an exact endpoint, using a digital pH meter probe and Sparkvue software on the their school laptops!


Sixth Grade Climate Change Projects - Science and Tech!

Six-grade science students were challenged to demonstrate their learning for an authentic audience. This could be a park ranger, a younger class of students or a group of their peers. Their learning goal was “I can describe the causes and effects of climate change.”

After thoughtful research and a chosen audience, students were able to choose a technology tool that best met their needs to demonstrate their learning. From computer coded animations, to multimedia videos to mock news casts, these student-led projects demonstrated not only their science knowledge, but creativity and technology skills. 

All the projects were shared with Mr. Grams through the students' iPads and Google Drive. Below are some examples:

Animation coded using Scratch programming: (click to start)

Student News Broadcast using iMovie App:

ThinkLink Interactive Poster:

Demonstrating Learning Through Video

Check out the awesome work of these 7th grade Spanish students. They not only showcased their learning of romance languages though iMovie on their school iPads, but their teamwork, organization and thorough planning is apparent in this quality video.

First Grade Math, Writing and Technology!

Check out this great project created by our 1st graders! Students combined procedure writing and math while using their iPads to create videos, document their learning through pictures and ate lots of apple along the way! Awesome use of technology to engage and visually demonstrate their learning.

Pic Collage App in 7th Grade Math

Students have been using the PicCollage app on their school iPads in Mrs. Robinson’s middle school math classes. The students are asked to create their own math problem that involves rational numbers (decimals, integers, fractions). After they complete the problem, they are then asked to solve the problem and then share their problem with their classmates. The PicCollage app helps students get in the mindset of writing the problems and not just solving them. The students realize how this relates to real life and how they may use this skill set in the future!

Kindergartners Showcasing Their Math and Technology Skills

Our Kindergartners are learning about 3D shapes. To engage them in their learning, their teachers designed a project in which the students used their iPads to take pictures of 3D shapes around the classroom. The students then created a collage with their pictures and inserted this collage into their digital portfolios using their own voice to narrate their learning. Wow! 

2nd Grade Virtual Field Trip

Today our 2nd graders learned all about black bear habitats in Sleeping Bear Dunes through a virtual field trip. They video conferenced with a park ranger for a fun and interactive program!